Fight for Good Government; Standing up to the machine

Updated: Feb 17

When I ran in 2017, I promised to stand up for my constituents even if it meant angering the Hudson County Machine. I upheld that promise. Over the last year, that meant:

  • Leading the fight at the Jersey City council against billionaire Paul Fireman’s corrupt scheme to privatize Liberty State Park for his ultra-exclusive golf course.

  • Being the only elected official in Hudson County, out of 178, to support a candidate who ran without the machine’s blessing.

  • Partnering with immigrant rights advocates to oppose the Hudson County Democratic machine’s decision to break a promise, and instead renew their immigrant detention contract with ICE.

  • Holding SUEZ water and Mayor Fulop accountable after a delay in alerting the public to e-coli in our drinking water, while offering constructive solutions to ensure the problem never occurs again.

What’s Next?

  • After a string of arrests of public servants in Jersey City in 2020, I brought in a team of graduate students from the New School to propose reforms to Jersey City’s ethics laws.

  • Strengthen disclosure rules for lobbyists to ensure transparency and accountability.

  • Work with Mayor Fulop when he’s advancing good policy like AirBNB regulations and safe streets, and challenge him when his deals with the Hudson County political machine lead to poor governance and/or right-wing policies.