Safe Streets

Our goal is “Vision Zero” - the elimination of traffic-related fatalities in Jersey City. To accomplish that, we must transform our streets to improve access for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike. We’ve made great progress over the prior three years, and there is more work to do.


  • Safety improvements made or scheduled on all major roads in downtown JC: Jersey Ave, Grand St, Washington St, Greene St. Grove St, Montgomery St, and Columbus Drive.

  • Added miles of protected bike lanes to create safe, connected corridors for cyclists.

  • Installed pedestrian safety bump-outs at particularly dangerous intersections.

  • Added dozens of speed bumps and stops signs to slow dangerous drivers.

  • Repaved Coles St - the Jersey City equivalent of a moonscape - north of the Holland Tunnel.

  • Got a traffic light at Van Vorst and Grand built.

Next Steps

  • Advance safety redesigns of Columbus Drive, Marin Blvd., and Newark Ave. in 2021.

  • Complete build-out of the “Bike Master Plan.”

  • Reconfigure Van Vorst St., Division St., Morgan St., and 10th St to better accommodate traffic flow due to narrow streets.

  • Continue to install safety infrastructure across the ward - bump-outs, stop signs, and speed bump--and convert the bump-outs permanent rain gardens.