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James Solomon

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James Solomon represents downtown Jersey City as the Ward E Councilperson. As a dad, a cancer survivor, a teacher, and someone who leads from the outside, James is committed to making Jersey City a place that supports ALL our families, not just the well-connected. James’s vision for Jersey City includes affordable housing and good schools, demanding more transparency and ending sweetheart deals for developers, racial justice for every resident and every family, and secure intersections and streets and sidewalks clear of trash.


Before moving to Jersey City, he served as an aide to the Mayor of Boston, utilizing technology to solve persistent problems like potholes and snow removal. James also designed an affordable housing policy for the state of Massachusetts and the foundation for a performance management system for Newark, NJ. James earned his Master in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and his BA from Pomona College. 


James met the love of his life, Gabrielle Ramos-Solomon, at graduate school, bonding over a shared commitment to make the world a better place. They married in August 2015. Two months later James was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Today, James is blessed to be completely healthy. Gaby and James have two beautiful daughters, Camila Nicole and Corinne Maria.

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